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Welcome to the Community for and about mixed Asians. You do NOT have to be mixed Asian to join!

Photo of Denyce Lawton


1. Anything relating to mixed Asians and to being mixed Asian is welcome here: Pictures, comments, opinions, and/or posts relating to mixed Asians are welcome. Information about events, sales, etc are also welcome.

2. If you are advertising another community, only mixed Asian-related communities are allowed to be posted here. All others will be quickly deleted.

3. You may only post about your community once. (Everyone despises spam.)

4. If you don't like mixed Asians then please don't join.

5. Do not harass other members.

6. Note that some people use "hapa" or "hapa haole" which may be offensive to some Hawaiians. Please respect that.

Some of the topics that we cover here are:

- personal opinions of members
- languages
- history
- traditions
- pictures of people, places, and things
- and much more.

Please introduce yourself when you join:


Are you mixed Asian?

If not, what brings you here?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Contact haolegirl at haolegirl@livejournal.com.

Created and maintained by haolegirl who is part Chinese.

Thank you for joining!